This post is about 10 Best Apps to Download Free Music for Android. Like music download paradise, mp3 music download free, etc. Also about How to download music to your phone and lot more about music downloads, sit back and read fully for awesome music experience.

Music is something which suits a person in all his mindset. One will listen to music when he is sad or happy or excited. Music adds extra enthusiasm to your mood, everyone likes music. Earlier we used to listen to music only in speakers or live shows. So just read the Below list of Best Apps to download free music for android

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There are lots of websites to listen and download music from the web and also mobile application is also available to download movies in popular operating systems like Android and iOS. I will list top 10 Sites in Android through which you can download songs in most of the popular languages.

Features of Best Apps to Download Free Music for Android

1)Totally free of cost.

2) All you need is Android Smartphone and Internet.

3) Can Download any music or any song you can say.

4) Can Download from anywhere and anytime.

Best Apps to download free music for android

1) Music Paradise

It is a wonderful app to download music in Android, it is like Google for music. There are 3 sections in this app, divided into 3 tabs the first one is search, next download, and the last one is the library. You can go to the search tab and search for any song is any language, it searches for the songs in the web and if it is available then you can save it in your library or download it on your phone.

2)  Songily

Every day this app processes millions of download and it is becoming famous day by day, there are thousands of registrations every week. I hope it will be the number one app for song streaming and downloading soon. There are no charges and premium versions of the app, so you can download everything for free!

3)  Wynk Music

Wynk is a very popular app for songs streaming and you can download songs for offline listening. It is not downloaded in MP3 or any other music file format. It is downloaded in a format which can be used only in wynk app. But this app is very great for all music lovers as the collection of songs it has is very great.

4) Spotify Music

This is the best app from my perspective, the app is beautifully designed with a wonderful user interface. Spotify allows its users to download and stream songs online. They have dedicated sections for most listened songs by all its users, most downloaded songs, etc. The registration for the app is free and it also has a premium version which allows unlimited downloads, playlist creation, etc.

5)  Hungama Music

Hungama is a similar app like Spotify and wynk which has a registration, user account and everything like those two apps. But its uniqueness lies in the collection of songs from all the languages. It contains almost all songs from old to new in all languages like English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, etc. Hungama is a purely a subscription based app so you will get very limited features in the free version of this app.

6)  Gaana

Gaana is a desi app which many Indian users use in their day to day music life. This app is the best one for all Indian users as you can download or listen to all the songs in any language. They have special playlists like happy, sad, romantic, etc. A boon of this application is that it contains lots of ads, but you can upgrade to the premium subscription to wave them off.

7)  Tunee

Tunee is a popular website which has a good collection of songs and has regular users downloading and streaming songs daily. Recently they have released their app which also became popular because of their regular users. It has a search box within the app. So search for the music you are looking for and download it instantly to your smartphone and enjoy listening to it all time.

8)  Google Play Music

This is a famous app in many countries, but many people do not know about this app because when you buy an Android smartphone expect Google or Moto company phones. There is a native pre-installed music player. So many people ignore the Google play music which is also pre installed in all the android mobiles. This app also provides free music streaming and download, do check it.

9) Sound Cloud

Every music lover will have come across this site for once in their lifetime at least. It is a very famous website which as a collection of all songs. The best part of this site is that you can upload your own song that you composed in it and share the link with your friends and family. This website has launched an app recently through which you can download or listen to songs that the site’s directory has

10)  Skull

Skull is a very old and a famous website, many people must have come across this website when you search to download a song from Google. This website ranks for almost all the searches. So you can download or listen to the songs that the website contains. The best part of this application is you don’t need an account to download.

Well, that concludes the list of top 10 Best Apps to download free music for android. Don’t forget to bookmark this page as it will be very useful. All the application listed above are a must try one. The applications mentioned above are available in the play store. Just search the name and the application will appear first, download and enjoy. Also try subscribing the premium versions of the application for more fun. Hope you enjoyed the List of Best Apps to download free music for android