In this post, we will see about Best Torrent Sites, uTorrent movies search engine, how to download a movie using uTorrent, open bit torrent, kickass search engine and more website to download a torrent for free. Bookmark this page for future reference.

The Internet is a great invention of all time. It was first invented for communication and information sharing in the military and later it was used for personal communication, entertainment, news sharing and other things. People always download a lot of things on internet like movies, TV series, songs, software, etc.

There are many ways to download files from the internet. If it is a small file like songs and short video clips of 30 to 50 megabytes. Then you can download it directly through your web browser or some external applications like Internet download manager, etc. But if it is a large file, say more than one gigabyte, then the best way to download it with good transfer speed and in less time.

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A this situation the torrent download is what you need. So this Best Torrent Sites will Help you for sure. There are billions of torrent file around on the web with thousands of sites listing them. So in this post, I will list out the top 10 websites to download the torrent for free. This website contains all type of torrent like movies, games, software, songs, albums, TV shows, etc.

Top 10 Best Torrent Downloading Websites or Best Torrent Sites

1)  ThePirateBay

Pirate Bay is the father of torrents. Every torrent user will know this website for sure. It is the best website till date to download any kinds of torrents in any language. It contains torrents from all over the world. Last year this website was taken down. But within 2 days the site was back in a new domain. Pirate Bay processes over a million download every day. The bandwidth of this website grow over one zetta byte every month. Still, the service is completely free for everyone.

2)  1337X

1337X is a torrent downloading website it is which provides you with all kinds of torrents. It is not a big torrent download website like other which include all unwanted and virus torrents too. This site contains only limited torrents and also every torrent which is uploaded there are scanned through virus and safe to download. After changing their site theme, they attracted even more visitors.

3) Rarbg

Rarbg is a great website to download torrent. It has a huge collection of movies, songs, TV shows, and everything you need. They also have dedicated sections for games and software torrent where can will get all the software or games that are available till date. You will never leave the site without downloading the torrent which you came looking for.

4)  Lime torrents

Lime torrents is another website with a good collection of movies and games torrent. The database of this website is quite large as they have over 10 million torrents and also there is no need for registration to download torrent. You just need to visit the torrent’s page and you can download the torrent file directly or click on the magnet link to download the torrent directly using your torrent download software.

5)  YTS

YTS is a good movie torrent website. But they also have another torrent like songs, games, etc. Everyone who downloads movies from torrent will definitely know this website as they are the first one to provide a torrent file for movie download after a short period of the movie release. So everyone checks this website first if they are searching for movies to download from torrent.

6)  Torrent Downloads

This is another torrent download website with exact match domain due to which this site ranks for all torrent download searches in Google and other search engines. Apart from torrent downloads, this site also provides a dedicated directly file download after they download the torrent in their server and seed you up. But this service is paid and available only in selected countries.

7)  Kick Ass Torrents

Kick Ass Torrents or KAT is a very popular torrent download website. I have been using this site to download the torrent for a very long time, like 10 years. This site was an authentic and trusted torrent download website for many years after which the site was taken down for 2 years. But after that, they have launched the site under different domains although it is being down lately.

8)  Torrent Funk

The next site on our list of top 10 best free torrent download website is Torrent Funk which is famous for game torrent download. This torrent provides cracked versions of all game soon after release. So many games use this website to download their favorite games via torrent. You can check the reviews section where a lot of people comment before you download a torrent.

9)  Tor Lock

Tor Lock is another torrent download website which many people use in Tor browser which provides different IPs to download indeed making the servers to provide some juice to download speed. You will never find a fake torrent in this site as all torrents are manually verified. They are so sure that, they will pay you up to $5 for every fake torrent you find on their website.

10)  Sky torrents

Sky torrent is one of the torrent download websites with a huge database where millions of users come monthly to download different torrents. The user interface of this website is very attractive due to which they gain an extra amount of users. This site has one more special advantage, this site seeds up to the top 100 downloaded torrent of every month. So you will get very good speed for famous torrents.

Well, that concludes our list of top 10 free Best torrent sites. These are top Best Torrent Sites, so you never have to worry about the virus torrent or other things. Any file you want will be available in any one of the above-mentioned websites for sure. In case I missed any Best Torrent Sites mention it in the comment section below. We will update the post.